James Mitchell, owner of Les Vins Elégants

About Us

Les Vins Élégant grew out of a passion. That passion evolved from a hobby.

James Mitchell had worked in the hotel industry for several years, making his own wine at home. He then turned his taste and interest in wines into a career: he worked for 12 years in boutiques that sell wine-making equipment and materials.

He started his own business in 2006. He can at last share his passion… Better yet, with his extensive knowledge he can offer his clients superior quality products. His supplier, Vinexpert, happens to be the largest manufacturer in the world of consumer intended wine-making products.

Les Vins Elégants

Why choose Les Vins Élégant’s products and services?

First and foremost, to reduce the cost of your wine without compromising the quality.
But also to have better control over the ingredients and the substances it contains… For example, you can add less preservative when you make wine yourself. You would prefer less sulfite (a preservative) in your delicious alcoholic beverage? You can reduce the amount.
Last but not least, making wine yourself is environment friendly as we collect the bottles and the corks are recyclable.