Wine Making In Store

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Island Mist

Island Mist Coolers (Fruity) :
4 to 6 weeks
Starting prices at 128$ taxes included
Or 4.57$ / btl. 750 ml

Vintners Reserve

Vintners Reserve
5 to 6 weeks
Starting at 135$ taxes included
Or 4.82$ / btl. 750 ml

World Vineyard

Vintners Reserve & World Vineyard (Value) :
5 to 6 weeks
Starting prices at 143$ taxes included
Or 5.10$ / btl. 750 ml



Selection (Premium) :
6 to 8 weeks
Starting prices at 180$ taxes included
Or 6.42$ / btl. 750 ml


Eclipse (Ultra Premium) :
7 to 8 weeks
Starting prices at 230$ taxes included
Or 8.10$ / btl. 750 ml

Minimum of 28 bottles (750ml) per order, per style of wine. Prices include your grape juice and corks made of real cork. Bottles, labels and decorative shrink caps are not included in the pricing above. The client must sign a rental contract, pay the entire bill and participate in the wine making steps. 100% guarantee or your money back.

In-store wine-making

During your first visit, you can, if you wish, tell us about your tastes in wine, so that we can suggest varieties of grape juice that match the preferences of your taste buds.

We will ask you to sign a contract agreeing not to sell the wine you are about to make. In addition to the grape juice cost, there will be a wine-making space rent fee.

The first step in the wine-making process takes about fifteen minutes. You prepare the juice for fermentation, which will take, on average, six to eight weeks. Once the wine is sufficiently fermented and clarified, we will invite you to return to bottle it.