Make your own wine and beer

Home made wine making

Our supplier Winexpert, purchases grape juice from vineyards all over the world.
We have a hundred pure grape varietals available, including reds,  whites, rosés and dessert wines like ports, ice wines and wine coolers. Ultra-premium, superior and high quality, special selection (dessert wines): you can choose the type of wine and its strength.

And of course, we will gladly give you advice on choosing and making your own wine!
To learn more, visit the Winexpert website.

Home made beer brewing

Les Vins Elegant also carries several beer kits including Coopers, Brew Canada, Muntons and Micro Brew. In addition we carry several styles of hops, dry and liquid beer yeasts, dry and liquid malts.

Wine and beer making equipment

We also sell wine-making hardware such as bottles and fermentation equipment. Our wine-making kits make 23 liters of wine, which is equivalent to 28 x 750 mL bottles.

We have a water filtration system. You can purchase filtered bottled water without having bought any our kits. One 18 liter bottle of reverse osmosis filtered water will cost you only 3$.

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